J.R. Schneider

Landscape & Travel Photographer

Hi, it's JR.

I'm a landscape and travel photographer, specializing in capturing the nuances of different seasons.

I've traveled extensively, photographing the world's most breathtaking views.

The Memory Exhibit

"A Good Evening"

A little fire makes a night a party.

"Sleeping Monster"

Volcano in Puebla Mexico

"Green Light"

Sun hiding behind a green light.

The Places Exhibit


Indian backwaters

"Night Pier"

Unforgettable crystal clear sea

"Jamaica Up Close"

Just off the pier

"Jamaica, Honduras"

So beautiful from a distance

"Grand Caymen"

Very fast growth.

"To Galveston"

Headed to Carnival Cruise

The Nature Exhibit

"Small Fall"

Noisy waterfall for its size.

"Pretty in Pink"

Spring is in Bloom

"Merrillan, WI Falls"

Slow shutter falls

Feature My Work

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